Phil Peake

I have been taking pictures on and off since my early 20's, when I started off with a Zenit 35mm film camera and lenses bought from my brother-in-law. That combination was built like a tank, but it produced some great images. 

I progressed to the dizzy heights of a Canon A1. This was arguably one of the most competent cameras that Canon produced, probably ahead of its time. It was a fine camera to learn the art of photography on and again, produced some memorable images for me. 

Sadly, as is often the case, life got in the way and I stopped taking pictures for a long time, at least seriously. Then a couple of years ago I agreed to produce product shots for my wife Linda's business website. This was a right result as I was given permission to spend money and buy myself some new kit!! 

I set up a small studio up in the roofspace of Linda's shop and started snapping away. I found myself being pulled back into the fascinating world of photography, and felt like a kid with a new toy, experiencing all that digital photographic imaging has to offer these days. 

I have now properly fallen back in love with this frustrating yet rewarding art form, and find myself shooting more and more, learning different skills and striving to be the best I can. Where will this journey take me? I have some idea of where I would LIKE to go, let's see if the reality is the same!!

Why do I take photographs? Well, I believe that a photo should tell a story as much as possible. The viewer should be able to look at an image and wonder perhaps why it was taken, what the story behind it might be, who is the person in the shot. And of course, photos can serve as a record of history, be it personal, social, or natural for example. 

In this website, I aim to build a portfolio of interesting photos. I invite you to browse through the various sections devoted to different genres and 'projects'. I appreciate your interest. If you have any thoughts, comments or musings, I would love to hear from you in the 'Contact Me' 'page.